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[writing] the end result on the "politely respond to a nice no" question

About a week ago, I posted an open question about if I should politely (and nicely) respond when I get a "nice no" on a submission, ie a "no" with a few feedback comments from the editor.

The general trend of responses was to *not* respond, as inbox management is a constant concern for all editors.

However, if the feedback was very very extensive then a "wow, thank you" email would be very appropriate.

Also, if the feedback led to a critical insight about the story that helped with a revision and an eventual sale, that would be a good occasion for a thank you note.

Finally, one might put a short "thanks for the good feedback on my previous submission" mention in the cover letter for the next submission.

My experience up to now has been that the only times I got detailed feedback they were part of a revision request associated with a sale. These recent cases, obviously, weren't quite like that. No dancing and cheering occurred. :-)

I didn't respond to everyone in the original LJ post, as it was a lot of posts, but thank you to everyone for their input! I greatly appreciate it.
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