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TV Conmment: LOST, season 5, episode 11 "Whatever Happened, Happened"

Season 5, Episode 11
"Whatever Happened, Happened"

The title of this episode is what I see as a summary of LOST's theory of time travel. You can't change the past. Things that happened, happened. Let's see how well they hold to that theory.

In other words, Ben's not dead.

My predictions for this episode (beyond the above): We will find out what happened to Aaron (I say she gives him to Claire's mom). We will find out what Sawyer said to Kate on the helicopter (I say it was something about Cassidy and Sawyer's kid). We will find out why Kate got on Ajira 316 (I say because she realized she either missed Sawyer, wanted to stick with Jack, or both).

Just based on the "Previously on LOST" section, my predictions are looking very good.

Ben's not dead yet! And his dad is hitting on Kate. But Kate knows who he is.

That's some ominous looking roof beam action there, as they pull out the ex-burning Dharma VW van. Or not. Red herring, all the way.

Someone else in this series sang the "Catch a Falling Star" song, but I can't remember who it was.

"Sawyer sent me". One point for me!

Wow, Kate told Cassidy everything. That's amazing! And Cassidy figured out the rest, about Aaron. Good for her.

Sawyer figured out who let Sayid out.

So will Jack save Ben a second time? Um, no. Jack says no, because he knows that Ben lives anyway. Or Jack will eventually save him, for one reason or another. I bet Jack saves him. Jack is becoming a convertee to "island think".

Slick "Back to the Future" reference by Hurley. This whole time travel conversation is a nice summary of "Time Travel as LOST sees it".

Well, time actually *is* a straight line for the characters like Miles and Hurley. The point is that their straight line jumps into the empirical (calendar) past. These guys are having trouble with this conversation because they're not sci-fi nerds. But they do raise a good point as to why Ben doesn't (or at least apparently doesn't) remember Sayid. I guess we'll find out. [And we did]

The Others might be able to help Ben. Hmmm. That's interesting. Doesn't anyone else see Juliet and Kate putting Ben in the van? I don't get Kate's "I got you involved in this" statement to Juliet, as it was Juliet's idea.

I think the point of that scene in the grocery store was that the person who found Aaron looked like Claire. We'll see what that means. Kind of what it meant. Cassidy is the wise woman who knows it all.

I guess Jack doesn't towel off when he gets out of the shower. You so don't want to be that guy's roommate. Water all over the floor of the bathroom, like he's filming an ocean movie in there.

The interesting point here is that this episode seems to be actually closing the door on the whole Jack-Kate-Sawyer-Juliet "quadrangle". Is that the case? Don't know.

This whole "Kate and Ms. Littleton and Aaron" thing played out almost exactly like I thought it would. Second point for me!

"His innocence will always be gone". In retrospect, perhaps it wasn't the best decision to have Richard take Ben, because it is part of making Ben who he becomes.

The most interesting line is "You shouldn't do this without asking Elly. And if Charles finds out". That's a huuuuge line there.

And he's taking Ben to the temple. Where Smokey lives.

Locke! Of course that's the end of the episode.

Looks like my earlier prediction of what episodes would be about was correct: the Kate episode, the Ben episode. Later, we should get the Faraday episode (with touches of Miles).

Summary: An interesting episode, more for what it sets up than what it reveals. Kate goes back to the island for Claire, but I'm not sure I really saw the full process of the decision. Cassidy was definitely an interesting character, but she was also the standard "wise woman" role. I get credit for naming all three questions that were answered, and for at least two of the three answers. Yay Me!

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