jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

Being detained by the TSA = anti-conservative bias?!?!

This recording of a guy being detained by the TSA was rather interesting when it started, with the guy's simple request to understand what legal situation he was in and what the TSA people were able to do before he started answering questions. Along with the TSA's posturing and threats of this, that, and the other thing (DEA, government agencies, etc).

But once it came back to the FOX NEWS host and went into the viewpoint of "I was detained by the TSA because I was carrying conservative literature and I've spoken out before and they know who I am" I was like "oh, please" and completely lost interest.

Because I seem to recall FOX NEWS being all for the interception and detention of anybody who was trying to fly and seemed even remotely suspicious (like, for instance, carrying a large sum of cash and not immediately answering questions that TSA asked).

At least, unless it's one of their people. Those other people, detain them all you want.

Oh, please.
Tags: hypocrite

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