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random things make a post

- The single best quote from Sci-Fi Lunch was from JH who said, in reference to next week's LOST episode: "You know what I think is in the temple? Smokey's arm collection." Excellent! We joked about how it's all labeled and everything: "Montand", "Pierre Chang", etc.

- The left calf, strained in last Sunday's footy (Australian rules football) practice, is feeling really good today. The week of light workouts and Advil and massage and stretching is helping. I must resist the temptation to play soccer on Saturday, cause that would just muck it up again.

- The Girl Scout Cookies are almost gone, thank goodness. Now maybe I'll be able to strip off some flub.

- Stanford women play UConn in the Final Four Semifinal on Sunday! Go Stanford! Yes, it should be the championship game. Stupid NCAA seeding committee, grumble, grumble.

- Tonight, I think I'll work on the Giant Panda story and see if I can whip it into some sort of shape for one critique group or another. And have a glass of wine. And figure out some vacation plans for the rest of the year. And do some more Norwescon prep. I'm sure there's more I haven't thought of yet...
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