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[norwescon] Help me out with the Sci-Fi Spelling Bee?

Dear LJ Hivemind --

I'm looking for a little help with an event I'm running at Norwescon 32, called "The Sci-Fi Spelling Bee". What I'll be doing is holding an authentic spelling bee using words from Science Fiction and Fantasy works (books, movies, television, etc). The Science Fiction Spelling Bee will be Thursday night (April 9) from 11 PM to midnight.

The Sci-Fi Spelling Bee is similar in spirit to the Broadway musical "Putnam County Spelling Bee". In that musical, set at a spelling bee, the definitions and example sentences are witty and funny and usually no help at all to the speller. You can hear a flavor of this spirit on the "Play Live" section of the Putnam County Spelling Bee website. (And, by the way, if you haven't seen the musical I highly recommend it. It's hilarious!)

Would you like to help me with words, definitions, and example sentences for the Spelling Bee. I have a bunch, but the more the merrier!

I've given some examples from my current list behind the cut. Note that I also added the "language and work of origin". If you have any ideas for words, definitions, and sentences, feel free to put them in a comment to this post. Obscure words are great, funny definitions and non-helpful sentences are marvelous.

As thanks for your help, I will first list all contributors in the program and announce word/sentence/definition contributors during the contest. I also want to give away works by the contributors (edited, written, etc) as prizes in the Spelling Bee. If you're going to be at Norwescon 32 and have a copy of your work you'd like to give me, that would be great! Otherwise, I'm very happy to go to the dealers room and purchase whatever I can find.

Thanks again for any help you are able to give. And if you're at Norwescon 32, come on by the Bee! Again, it's going to be from Thursday April 9, from 11PM to midnight, in the Cascade 5 room.


Word: quadrotriticale
Definition: a four-lobed grain, a hybrid of wheat and rye
Origin: English, from Latin, from Star Trek
Sentence: The new intern at the Federation County Fair made a huge mistake when he put the quadrotriticale in the same exhibit as the tribbles.

Word: pon'farr
Definition: The Vulcan mating period, occurring once every seven years.
Origin: Vulcan, from Star Trek
Sentence: "Damn it, Spock," said Kirk. "I don't care if it is pon'farr, I'm not wearing the fake Vulcan ears."

Word: tauntaun
Definition: A furry native pack animal of Ice Planet Hoth; (alternate definition) A warm emergency blanket on a cold, snowy night.
Origin: ? from Star Wars
Sentence: "I thought they smelled bad on the outside," said Han as he sliced open the tauntaun with Luke's lightsabre,

Tags: sci-fi, spelling bee

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