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[writing] Yeff learns a lesson (and, does anyone know the thaumatrope response times?)

Thaumatrope, the twitter-based fiction publisher, has temporarily reopened for submissions. I had a few twit-fic pieces I'd developed over time so I thought "great, I'll send them in."

I assumed I could do multiple submissions. (Why did I assume this? I don't know.) So I submitted one of my stories. The response page then said "Wait until you get a response before submitting another story." Which makes sense, because they don't want to be overwhelmed with stories.

But I didn't submit my strongest story. Or at least, what I thought was my strongest story. So now I'll be waiting until I get a response before submitting again.

Lesson to be learned: Send in your strongest work.

(Of course, you might be totally wrong, because the writer is the worst judge of her/his own work).

And, does anyone know what the Thaumatrope response times are? :-) [Note that they are not listed on duotrope or Critters Black Holes]
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