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TV Comment: LOST, season 5, episode 12 "Dead is Dead"

Season 5, Episode 12
"Dead Is Dead"

It's All About Ben. Ben in the past! Ben in the present! Ben in the temple! Ben in Los Angeles! Ben, Ben, Ben!

And, Smokey's arm collection.

Killing Alex was just about the most cruel, evil thing that has happened in LOST. But if anything happens to Penny, that could actually be worse.

Is that long-haired British guy supposed to be the same Widmore as in the past and in the present? The voice is similar, but nothing else is.

There's a whole lot coming in this episode, that's for sure. Or at least, there better be.

Ben is already sowing discord, trying to turn the Ajira people (particularly Cesar) against Locke.

Its Young Ethan and Ben, stealing babies from Rousseau!

What I find very interesting about this show is that they don't even feel the need to indicate that a scene, such as the "Ben steals baby Alex" scene, is a flashback. We are just supposed to know.

Well, *that* was a holy crap moment! (Ben shooting Cesar). Ben's a little on the edge here, me thinks.

Locke is being the spiritual mentor here, knowing all about what Ben is doing, knowing all about what the island wants. Interesting dynamic.

In the things Widmore says, we hear echoes of what Ben says later ("all I've done is to protect the island").

Frank Lipitas looks a lot creepier without the beard.

Locke is really riding Ben hard, and Locke is now Mister Island Spirit Guide.

Now we get to see how Ben "calls" Smokey! Cool. That's it? Just drain some dirty water down a hole? Or did he call Smokey at all?

Uh oh. Ben is at the marina.

They're at the temple wall. Montand's arm is around here, somewhere.

As we all predicted, Desmond was the one who beat the crap out of Ben. Luckily, the gun went in the water or Desmond would have shot the crap out of him too.

Interesting picture of Anubis and the monster. The "scenes from the past" scene was a little hokey, but when "Alex" pins Ben against the wall and lays down the law that was really interesting.

Next week, it's all Miles.

Summary: So this was a little bit of "fill in the blanks" for another character, Ben. We found out how he got beat up and what happened to him in the past. We also got to see the "taking Alex" scene, and have some resolution for Ben's guilt over Alex's death. There were no big surprises, beyond Ben shooting Cesar.

Within the next two weeks we should see the scene with the canoes, where the time-traveling LOSTies take a canoe and someone (probably the Ajira folks) shoot at them. Since next week is all Miles, I bet the week after that involves Hurley. We still have to learn why Hurley came back to the island. We also have to build up to the finale, which I'm sure involves the Incident.

And what was that question about the "shadow of the statue" all about? Do these Ajira people have secret ulterior motives? Could they be related to Widmore? Next week might hold more.
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