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09 April 2009 @ 02:04 pm
[norwescon] Come to the Sci-Fi Spelling Bee! (Thursday @11PM)  
Tonight (Thursday) I'll be hosting the Science Fiction Spelling Bee!

It's a fun, wacky spelling bee using words from science fiction and fantasy works, with helpful (or not) definitions, and silly sentences.

Here's the description from the Norwescon Program:

Sure you know your science fiction words, but can you spell them? Straight from Putnam County, this game mixes difficult words, crazy definitions and off-the-wall sample sentences. Randomly chosen volunteers will have a chance at fun and prizes. Drop on in and see if you can win the Science Fiction Spelling Bee!

It's tonight, Thursday April 9, from 11PM to midnight, in Cascade 5!

Come on by and see if you can be in the Bee! Or just watch and have fun!