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[norwescon] Come hear me read! (Friday @11PM)

Norwescon has been non-stop go-go-go for me since I got here, so not much posting. Maybe later tonight?

But I'm reading tonight, Friday April 10, at 11PM in Cascade 3. I'm calling it "Stories of Love", and be reading from three stories concerning various kinds of love:

- Cars ("The Blur, Pinky, and Me")

- Cats ("Cat, Owl, Cigarette")

- Re-told Fairy Tales (portions of "When Lina Went On The Lam")

And, it looks like that after my reading my VPXI roomie markteppo might just take the open slot and do some reading from his brand new book LIGHTBREAKER. Or, perhaps even some real life work-in-progress from the follow-on book.

Come on by and have a great time! That's Friday April 10, 11PM, in Cascade 3.
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