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the footy report

Tonight's footy practice (Australian rules football) was much fun, but wow what a workout.

We did the easy stuff first: handballs practice, and kicking practice. Mostly just passing the ball around for a while.

Then Matt (the "coach") got there, and we started in with some drills:
- Matt kicks it on the ground, run and pick it up, kick or handball it back to Matt. If you miss Matt, chase it down and get it to him.
- Matt kicks it in the air, catch it on the fly (a "mark"), get it back to Matt. If you miss Matt, etc, etc
- Matt kicks it in the air, two people vie for it. If one marks it, free kick it back. Otherwise, chase it down and get it back to Matt.
- Form two person teams, Matt kicks it in the air, team decides who goes up for it, other person supports, whichever team gets it has to get it back to Matt while the other team defends.
- Make a square with four cones, three people at cones and a person in the middle. Three people at the cones handball it back to each other while the person in the middle tries to defend for 40 seconds. For every bad pass or intercept at the end of the time, the team at the cones does pushups.

I was wiped by the end. Now I see why those players are in such good shape. The interval fashion of running the game requires (jog, then spring, then jog, then sprint) just wears you down. Obviously, more interval training will be required.
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