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blogging about things I was going to blog about

A few posts ago, I posted a list of things I was going to blog about but was too tired to do so. Now is the time in which we blog.

- The new story I'm working on

Writing a new story, called "Green Tears on Black Velvet". It's a first pass on something for anthology to which I was invited to submit while at Norwescon. My first anthology invite, cool! I'm having a lot of fun with it and in the first draft only worrying about voice and interior monologue. Revision will make it all shiny and pretty, hopefuly.

- Thoughts post-Norwescon

Norwescon was great. Just what I needed for a big kick in the rocket engine. My first con as a pro was, I think, successful. The Sci-Fi Spelling Bee went swimmingly. Now I'm totally hypercharged about my writing and really feel like I can do this thing as long as I put in the work and challenge myself.

- Writing summary for March

This will be another post. Short summary: it was better than I thought it was, in terms of numbers and output.

- A new book I found

The other day, I picked up a book called _LOST LANGUAGES_ by Andrew Robinson. It's really fun. It's the story of various undecipherable languages, how people try to decipher them, and how a few of them (Egyptian, Linear A) were actually deciphered. Turns out it's a combination of luck, and hard work.

- Bonus subject! (Footy)

Today I went to the school and, while E and her friend MB climbed trees, I did a workout that consisted of simulated footy (Australian Rules Football).

Here's how: throw the ball out in front of yourself, run like heck and (try to) pick it up, run zig zag around the field while occasionally bouncing the ball on the ground, then try to kick it over the soccer goal without slowing down much. And if you drop the ball or miss the goal, run the ball down and do it again.

Guess what? That really really wears you out. I lasted about 30 minutes and was majorly sucking wind by the end. This is a tough sport.

And now I must go read a little of markteppo's LIGHTBREAKER before going to bed.
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