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And I call myself a nerd! (ie, I Need Podcasting Tech Help)

[This one has ecgriffith or sailormur written all over it]

I've been thinking for a while about getting into doing podcasts and also auditioning to be a reader at various online fiction sites. (There's that Drama degree kicking in again!) A very kind comment/referral from mkhobson at Norwescon got me going full gear on this project.

I plan to use either my iMac (running OS X 10.4) or the iBook laptop (running OS X 10.5). So I did some google-research on good podcasting headsets and bought a Plantronics 650 USB headset.

I can *not* get the microphone input to work on either Mac. Speakers work just fine, but I can't get the Mac to take audio input from headset ("Line In") instead of the built-in microphone. I did use the System Preferences app, Sound panel to trying switching the Input.

I confirmed that the headset microphone works because I can get it to work with the Windows laptop.

I have a feeling I'm missing a setting somewhere. Anyone have any thoughts?

Also, I'm thinking of using either Garage Band or Audacity for making podcasts, which in the end will just be a MP3 file. Are there any preferences between one or the other?

Thanks for the help!
Tags: computers, macintosh, podcast

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