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Subject: [writing] March 2009 Results; April 2009 Plans

[I'm a little late with this, but here it is]

March Results
- 4 Things worked on: 1 story revision; 1 new flash story; 1 homework; 1 new story
- 1 stories finished (new flash)
- 1 story started, 1 homework started
- 1 revision finished
- 0 story sent out for critique
- 0 story critiqued
- 0 critiques done by me
- 13 submissions made
- 12 submission results, all "No"
- 19 of 30 days with writing; 7456 new words written; 2875 words revision credit
- Race Points at end of month: 17

- For A Thing A Week, six Things were worked on: four revisions, two new stories (one flash), one homework assignment
- One story were finished: "Coin is the Price of Heaven" (flash)
- Two stories was started: "Coin is the Price of Heaven" and "The Ghost of Mister Tremendous"
- Four stories were revised: "Straw That Shines Like The Sun" (partial); "Giant Panda and the Golden Ring of Fate" (partial); "Echoes of Oceans from Distant Shores"; "Robot in Furs" (partial)
- Zero stories were sent out for critique:
- Zero stories were critiqued:
- I did zero critiques:
- I did thirteen submissions, to: futurismic, Lone Star Stories, Byzarium, Clarkesworld, FlashMe Magazine, ShimmerZine, The FifthDi, Flash Fiction Online, Strange Horizons, Interzone (UK), Analog, Talebones
- I received twelve submissions results: twelve "no" (no details)
- I wrote 7456 new words, and earned 2875 words of revision credit.
- 19 days contained writing activities: 19 contained writing, 1 contained "practice management" (application for Launch Pad Workshop)
- Race Points on January 31: 17 (17 stories out).

It was a weird March. I bopped around from Thing to Thing, not finishing a lot of them. I think that was a side effect of feeling uncertain about what I was trying to do with stories. Doing the homework assignment helped, as did playing around with the "Mister Tremendous" story as an experiment in internal monologue and character.

In the end, there was a lot of uncertainty. Interesting things were done, but I'm not too sure how any of them end up. I'll have to see how this carries into April.

April Plans
- A Thing A Week: four Things finished, some revision, some new.
- Send 1 stories out for critique
- Get 2 stories critiqued (at Norwescon)
- Critique 4 stories (for Norwescon)
- Submit 1 new story
- Race Points: increase by the end of the month

April is Norwescon, so there will be a bunch of prep for that. But the convention should be fun, and hopefully it will be a boost for me in terms of writing. I also want to get more stories out, get more stories out, get more stories out. That will require focusing and diligence.

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