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a long day at the old stomping grounds

Went down to Stanford today for the MathLeague.ORG Northern California Championships. Since I'm thinking about running a high school contest next school year, and since I want to use the MathLeague.ORG tests and format, this was a good chance to see how Tim (who runs MathLeague.ORG) runs the contests.

It turns out it was a good thing I went, as Tim was very low on volunteers. I ended up running one of the testing rooms, helping score tests, and doing general information and student herding.

There were some very very bright kids at that contest and some very good scores (way better than I could do in that time constraint!). It's always impressive to see how well students do at a top contest like this.

Part of the test was deciding who goes to ARML from the Bay Area team. I was offered a chance to come along as a helper, and I might just do it if it works out with respect to home and family commitments.

I also was able to poke around Stanford a bit, which was nice as I hadn't seen the alma mater in a while. I also visited with some college friends who I hadn't seen in a few months.

But now, to bed. It's been a looong day. Good, but long.
Tags: math contests, stanford

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