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the post Highland Games report

We had a great time at the Scottish Highland Games in Woodland yesterday, as follows:

- Heard good music from Golden Bough and Culann's Hounds
- Ate a meat pie and ice cream and kettle corn.
- Had a Guinness and a Scotch Ale
- Was very entertained by some very good frisbee dogs
- Caught some sheep herding, with very cantankerous and uncooperative sheep
- Stared in amazement at the athletics competition, where very big people throw around very big items (rocks, weights, telephone poles)
- Threw a frozen haggis 30 yards in the Haggis Throw (alas, finished out of the top 3)
- Competed in the Bonnie Knees contest (alas, did not place in top 10)
- (kids) Played in the kids area in the games run by clowns
- Watched some Scottish Highland Dancing
- Sang along with "Amazing Grace" and tapped feet to "Scotland the Brave" at the end of the Games.

Scottish Games are always a real blast, and by the end of the day we were very tired.
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