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TV Comment: LOST, season 5, episode 15 "Follow the Leader"

Season 5, Episode 15
"Follow the Leader"

Supposedly, this episode is all about Richard Alpert. And there's some time in a temple, and some time with a bomb, and John Locke, and lots of beating people up. In other words, a standard episode of LOST :-)

I'm still very bummed that Faraday is dead. Really dead. But then again, on the island, people don't often stay dead.

The interesting question here is what happens to Faraday's journal. Does Eloise Hawking hold on to it, knowing what happens to her son? I don't think Faraday gets ahold of it again, but perhaps Eloise uses it to know what happens in the future.

"He is an advisor. He has had that job for a very very long time" Maybe we'll find out just how long.

"I watched them all die". That's not a good statement, but certainly something that will have to be proved out.

Every once in a while I think "here's a big mainstream, network show talking about time travel" and it just really awes me that LOST has made it to this point.

Of course the bomb is underneath the Dharma compound. Gee, what a surprise that is.

Radzinsky's first name is Stuart!

And Phil cements his role as the bad man, by smacking Juliet. I'm surprised Radzinsky didn't think of that already. Given that we know Radzinsky ends up in the Swan pushing the button and slowly going crazy and eventually killing himself, I don't think we're worried about him getting payback. Phil, I'm sure of it, won't make it through the finale and the Incident.

Hurley is not the person that you want to answer quiz questions about history and dates.

John Locke is taking charge, big time! This is the scene where Locke appears and Richard fixes his leg and now we know how Richard knew what to do. How did Locke know that when he jumped with the bullet in his leg, he jumped to 2007? That's an interesting question. And we got the answer. The interesting thing is that a loop has been set up with the compass, if we trace it through the show. We're getting some real time paradoxes here, and there might be another one with the notebook.

It looks like Radzinsky is going to be a driving force behind the incident, both in terms of drilling at the Swan and attacking the Hostiles.

For someone who is an "advisor" and has been around forever, Richard seems pretty clueless about how things work.

"Sawyer and *I* took him to the Hostiles", Kate. It's Sawyer and *I*.

There's little Charlotte, getting put on the sub, along with Baby Miles and Mom. And Miles gets a whole new look at why Mom was so mad at Dad.

So Sawyer and Juliet are really getting in the sub? Wow.

Is that the same pool where Sawyer and Kate were swimming and where they found the suitcase a long time ago?

This looks like the temple, but I guess it's tunnels to the temple as well. Where did all these tunnels come from?

This is the big buildup to who or what Jacob is, which will be part of the season finale, I think.

We aren't learning much about Richard here. This is more of an "advance the plot and build up to the finale" episode.. A lot of things will probably be left hanging at the end of this episode.

I think this is the last we'll see of Sawyer, Kate and Juliet until sometime late in the finale, and maybe not even in the finale.

Look at Ben trying to play everyone against everyone else: Richard against Locke, Locke against Richard, etc. Ben is such a conniver.

So Locke wants to kill Jacob. But who is Jacob? What is Jacob? Will we see Christian Shepard? Will we see Claire? What the heck is going to happen?

Summary: Much interesting stuff is being set up here, but I think the key question is: What will happen next? Of course, this is always the key question on LOST. Three things have to be resolved:
- What will happen with the bomb? (I think it does not blow up, but its fate is related to the incident at the Swan)
- Will Sawyer, Juliet and Kate get back to the island? (from the previews, the answer is Yes so my earlier thought "won't see them until late")
- How does this all resolve? (I'm assuming the LOSTies in the past get back to the present and re-unite, but that feels too easy because what would happen after that. Another battle for the island? Also, the resolution has to involve whatever is in the box.)

Next week should be a good one, because the show will answer those questions along with the question of what the Ajira folks brought in the box *and* perhaps even what the "shadow of the statue" quote (from Bram and Ilana) was about.

Here's a crazy idea: They blow up the bomb and it puts time all haywire and the LOSTies end up in the present time, in a situation where Flight 815 never crashed, *but* with memories of everything that happened to them in the past three years. There was a lot of talk about "erasing the miserable of the last years" and of course, that means you won't be able to do that. Whatever the heck happens, including the crazy final twist ("The Fork in the Outlet"), I'm sure it will be interesting as heck.
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