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TV Comment: LOST, season 5, finale "The Incident"

Season 5, Episode 15 & 16
"Follow the Leader"

Season finale! Season finale! What's going to happen?!?! What's going to happen!?!? The big things are: Does the bomb blow up or not? What happens to the LOSTies??? What about Jacob??? Can't wait, can't wait!

Pre-Show Thoughts

My theory before the start is that the bomb does get blown up, or something similar, and contributes to the incident, and is part of what gets encased in concrete at the Swan station and controlled by the button on the computer. As for what happens to the LOSTies, they either get blown to the present, or into the deep past (like statue raising time, with Richard Alpert).

My wack-job theory is that they all get blown into an alternate reality where Oceanic 815 didn't crash, so they are in wherever their lives would have been, *but* with knowledge of everything that happened on the island (to neatly counter Jack's "we can get rid of all the misery of the last three years" because of course you can't Jack, of course you can't).

Real Time Thoughts

As always, the classic LOST "what the heck is this opening" opening? Guy weaving a Roman-esque fabric, old-time fishing. It must be Jacob! And that ship must be the Black Rock. There's our statue, and that is one weird crocodile-esque head!

This is Jacob inserting himself into the lives of the LOSTies, and we're going to see this throughout the episode. So if the LOSTies see Jacob, will they recognize him?

That area where they're walking is actually a very dangerous area of Oahu. At high tide, waves wash in and haul people out to sea.

"Deal with the passengers" - I think this means that those passengers are not goo for the island.

Hey, Lipitas! And the big giant crate. Ooh the box. What's in the box? Of course we don't get to see. (the Female Smokey :-)

Now here's what I assume is young Sawyer, post parents' funeral, writing the letter to Mister Sawyer.

Go, Juliet! Taking charge.

Jacob at Nadia's death. No surprise that he was present. I think his role was to keep Sayid from being hit by the car.

Plutonium in hand, the group goes through the tunnels to somewhere. Ben's house, maybe? Is that the same basement where Ben goesin the future to call the Smoke Monster?

Vincent! Rose! Bernard! Yay, Rose and Bernard! The most sensible people on the island.

Hurley to the rescue! Gut shot is never a good thing.

"We need to show it to somebody". That's quite a secret. And they are at Jacob's cabin. Interesting that we get a little Ilana flashback, with Jacob, and she knows him. What the Frak is going on here? And that's a piece of the blanket Jacob was making, isn't it? Looks like we're off to the remnants of the statue which, I’m guessing, is where Jacob lives. Did we see who erased the ash line?

Jacob is at Locke's being knocked out of the window. And did Jacob bring Locke back to life?

Interesting that it comes back to the LOSTies camp. Like going full circle.

Locke asks the good questions now ("Why wouldn't you want to kill Jacob?")

Jin and Sun's wedding, and I’m sure Jacob is there. BTW. That's the Byodo-In temple on Oahu. We've been there.

And the first half ends with a standoff between the LOSTies. As Rose and Bernard said. Rose and Bernard know all.

Here we are, at the statue. What's in the "shadow of the statue"? Jacob does.

Jack doing a surgery, probably on his wife from the car crash? This is the surgery he was talking about with Kate, back in the first or second episode (when Kate was sewing up Jack's wound). Once again, Jacob.

If Sawyer's dad's death happened a year ago, then how did Jacob know to go see young Sawyer after the deaths? I guess Jacob knows all.

I'm interested in Juliet's logic here, because so far she's been pretty solid. I think she wants Jack to use the bomb because she realizes everything needs to be reset to a different reality. But if the plane never crashes, Juliet is still on the island.

Young Juliet? Right.

And if the plane never crashes, then Juliet still has Goodman, doesn't she?

Random note: When Locke was in the pit, he found a body with a jumper that said "Horace - Mathematician". Note what jumper Sayid is wearing.

"Nothing in my life has ever felt so right" - which, of course, means it's totally wrong. Cause that's how LOST works.

Surely the incident is where Pierre Chang loses his arm. Look at him gesturing with it.

And here's Hurley meeting Jacob, for sure. This must be post-discharge, pre-going back to the island, and it must explain why Hurley gets on flight Ajira 316. Note that Jacob has the guitar case that Hurley brings back on the plane.

Richard is good at that "putting a fiery stake in the ground" thing. Lots of practice.

What happened to the statue? I'm betting it fell over in the Incident. But of course if that had happened, it would likely still be visible in the water.

I wonder if Locke knows the "loophole" referred to in the conversation at the beginning of the show (about killing Jacob).

Thank you Miles, for mentioning that point (maybe the bomb *is* the incident).

LOSTies to the rescue.

Here we go!

They keep showing Pierre Chang's left arm like that, you know it's toast!

That's just bad, killing Juliet off like that. That's just bad.

What about Richard's statement "I watched them all die"?

15 minutes left, and much to resolve. What about the Incident? What about Jacob? What happens to the LOSTies? What's in the crate?

Why didn't we get a subtitle on the Latin? What did Richard say?

It's dead Locke! So what is Locke? It's that guy from the beginning. That's just weird. That was the "loophole".

"They're coming". Who is they? Perhaps the LOSTies in the past?

And Juliet will become The Incident. We end with the bomb blowing up. Now what? Now what?!

I worried it was going to end like this. I'm a little dissatisfied, as I wanted one hint, one hint, of what might be to come. I think that hint was the "opening eye" at the end of the credits. But whose eye was it? And what does "They're coming" mean? And who were Ilana and her people, anyway.

But overall, I have to say, this was a rock solid season and I really liked it. More thoughts at a future point.

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