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a crazy and cool LOST-inspired dream

I had a great LOST-inspired dream last night, based on the Season 5 Finale.

I was one of the LOSTies and the events of the the finale were done. The bomb had gone off. My theorized result (from the previous LOST post) had occurred, and the situation was as if Oceanic 815 had never crashed on the island. We were back home, back in the real world.

However, we remembered everything that had happened on the island and in the last three years. *And*, more importantly it was an *altered* version of the real world. Things had different names (a "sack" was a "handy" or something like that). Different music had been popular over time (one-hit wonders in *our* world were big groups in *this* world). The world looked different, felt wrong, and we weren't happy about it.

I and some other LOSTies (Jack? Hurley? Sayid? Kate?) realized we needed to try to get back to *our* reality. Somehow we had figured out that if we were on a certain plane flight we could get back to the island and from there hopefully get back home (a la the Ajira 316 situation).

The scene shifted to the airport where we were going through the process of checking in for our flight and getting to the gate. People who worked in the airport and other travelers kept telling me I looked like some famous person, but I kept denying it saying that it was just a coincidence.

Finally, we were on a van-like shuttle taking us to the plane. People would get off the shuttle to go to their plane, until it was just us and one other guy left. This guy, who was tall, thin, and pale with light blond (almost white) hair, leaned forward to me and said: "You're looking for the fifty-two, aren't you?"

I said "What? What are you talking about?"

"The fifty-two," he said. "The survivors. It's no surprise, you look just like him."

It turned out that, in this reality, fifty-two people had survived a plane crash on the island and had experiences like the ones that we the LOSTies had, including blowing up a bomb next to the energy source, before they returned back home. Now, as they traveled around their world they kept running into people who looked like them who had been moved from a different reality into this one.

This guy was one of the Fifty-Two. And what the Fifty-Two did was help the people (their dopplegangers from another reality) get back "home".

The implication being that the island was some sort of nexus point for multiple realities and that people could cross over from one reality to another.

That was the point where I woke up, right before the alarm went off. I turned off the alarm and lay in bed for a while making sure I could remember the whole dream and thinking "Dang, that was cool."

And it was!

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