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the answers to the Great Urban Race SF clues

In the previous post, I gave three clues from Great Urban Race San Francisco that C and I helped figure out. Here's the answers!

- "Take a photo of all teammates at the statue symbolizing the great soul."

Once we decoded the clue, this was pretty easy. Turns out that "Mahatma" is Sanskrit for "Great Soul" and the location was the statue of Ghandi at the Ferry Building on the Embarcadero.

- Second clue was: "I was born in the 1870s. I've seen many people in my life and traveled all around. Some people still call me a dummy. In 1966, I moved to my present home in a museum. Take a photo of all teammates with me, and remember to be respectful when you approach me."

This was my great find. It took a while, but the key word was "dummy". Turns out that an open-grip cable car was also called a "dummy". The clue referred to the Clay Street Hill Railroad Car #8 at the Cable Car Museum (third car on the page):

- Third clue was: "It's not the Statue of Liberty, but San Francisco has its own statue representing freedom. Find this status and take a picture of all teammates with it."

C figured out this one by searching Google images for "woman statue san francisco". It's the Goddess of Democracy statue at Portsmouth Square in Chinatown.

We don't know how our friends did yet, but they did get all ten clues and had a good time traveling around the city. Results up later this week.

Seems like a Great Urban Race would be a great way to spend a day with a friend traveling around a city. Lots of events listed at the website. Check it out!
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