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a very short "state of the state that is me"

Real Life and Work have kept me very busy, without much time for posting or even general Intertubez action.

But, since this LJ is as much my online "what's up with me" journal as it is a public communication method I want to post a short "state of the state" summary so I and others who read this LJ know I haven't Fallen Off The Face Of The Earth.

No notes on Real Life and Work, but notes on the things that I often blog about here.

- Writing

More on this in a detailed post, but here's a summary. Many stories have come back, and need to go out again in their continued attempt to find a home. One story, the Giant Panda story, has been revised and goes out to the crit group for next week's meeting. I've started another story, which has one of my favorite titles in a while even if I haven't yet figured out what it means. The struggle to infuse deeper character into stories continues, in as much time as I can allot for it.

- Movies

Saw Star Trek, really liked it as a reboot of the franchise, but had nitpicks and Big Issues with it. To be covered in a future post, perhaps after I see it again.

- Fitness

Problems with hamstrings and my right hip caused me to lay off footy, and off core class, for a while. But it feels like the bod is getting better so I'll hopefully be back in action.

- Baycon

Alas, will probably not be attending Baycon. C has to work that whole weekend, so it's me and the kids and I'm not really up for dragging them on a 2.5 hour drive to the Bay Area and paying a bunch of cash so they can sit around a con and be disinterested, then driving back. Who knows, they might have fun, but I've learned that long drives are the killer for me.

- iPhone

Love it. I haven't even put apps, notes, calendar, or music on it and I love it. It's an excellent piece of technology, the things I have used (phone, text msgs, email, internet) work fantastically, and I'm very impressed.

That's that. More later when the time arises. For now, back to it!
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