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I wanted to start eating less, but maybe not *quite* like this

Well, I managed to get food poisoning while at the Sacramento Jazz Festival Saturday.

Based on what I ate that the kids didn't (and based on what came back up), it was either the chicken gyro I had for lunch, or the peanut butter cup ice cream shake I had late afternoon. (I suspected the calamari sandwich and vegetables I had for dinner, but C had both those and was fine.)

So I spent Sunday morning barfing, and the majority of Sunday either asleep in the Big Green Recliner, asleep in bed, or unhappy in the bathroom. I felt well enough by Sunday evening to go have dinner at Mom's but I opted for just chicken noodle soup and Premium Saltines.

By the way, Premium Saltines are the Greatest. Food. Ever.

Today I feel much better but I still can't eat much. Which is fine, as I've been meaning to start eating less food anyway. That's one way to do it, I guess.

Note that I do not blame the Jazz Festival in any way. It's a fun event with lots of cool music and is a great time. I did pick up a nifty book, _The Golden Hub_, which has first-hand accounts of life in Sacramento in the Gold Rush days. Because I know that there are stories I want to tell set in those times.

In other writing news, the first draft of "The Hair That Binds" stalled out due to the weekend and sickness. But I did realize that if I compress the first two scenes into one I get into the story faster and have more room to tell the rest of it. Which is a good thing, as I'm just trying to have fun with this one and enjoy telling the story.

It's something I think I've forgotten recently - to enjoy telling the story. It all starts there, doesn't it?

It's going to be a busy week, with work to be done, and family events, and stories to be sent back out into the world, and multiple school events, and critique group, and going to Las Vegas Friday morning for the ARML contest. And then May will be over.

Wow, 2009 is going by fast.
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