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[writing] latest WOTF result is a "no place"

I got back my submission for WOTF 2009Q2 today. Alas, it was a "no place" which stops my streak of Honorable Mentions at four in a row.

There was a small bit of feedback written on the story itself from one of the judges about how the story was well-written, but the fantasy element didn't enter until late in the story.

Which is right, and a good thing to think about if I'm interested in changing the story. As it is, it might work for someone else. Or not.

There was also a nice note from the WOTF organizers saying "Make sure to send us a story for this competition". Which I need to do by end of June. What story, I'm not sure.

So now I'm at only 8 stories out in the world, which is the lowest I've been in a long time. I have almost 10 stories that need to go back out. Unless I decide it's not worth it and trunk them instead. Not sure yet just what to do.

But right now I have to crash because I'm heading to Vegas tomorrow for the ARML math contest. While there I can hopefully finish off a first draft of "The Hair That Binds" and also figure out where stories are going next.
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