jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

back from ARML

I'm back from the ARML math competition in Las Vegas.

It was a very whirlwind trip: out Friday morning, practice Friday afternoon, competition Friday night and Saturday morning until noon, lunch break, awards announcement Saturday afternoon, fly back home.

I had a good time hanging out with both the SF Bay Area team and the Nor Cal (Davis/Sacto) team. SF Bay Area ended up placing #2 in the nation, a very impressive achievement!

But now I'm tired and need water. Las Vegas is so dry Sacramento felt humid. That's really dry.

Tomorrow it's an all-day birthday party for one of A's friends at a park near here. Kayaking, playing, cookout, you name it. I think I'd better get some sleep. Good night, all!
Tags: math contests

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