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[writing] the Discouraging Parade Of No continues

I got a submission back from Talebones today, with a standard "no" from them. It's my third such "no" in a little over a week, and means that I now have only 7 stories out in the world. Which is my lowest total in almost a year.

I currently have 10 stories that have come back within the last two months that I haven't sent out again. They're just sitting around. I also just ended four days in a row with no writing at all. The month ended with writing on just over half the days of the month. I can say it's due to work and travel and math contests and other events (like the all-day birthday party at the lake Sunday).I can say that.

Yet, I also have to admit to being discouraged. I've been unhappy with my writing for a while, and it shows in my lack of enthusiasm about sending stories back out. If I'm unhappy with my writing, how can I expect anyone else to be happy with it?

But, what else am I going to do? Quit? No. All I can do right now is keep plowing forward, making sure to make the time and to write, keeping stories out there, and hopefully I'll catch some fire and it will be fun again. Or at least I can lessen the discouragement.

Sometimes I think that putting one foot (word) in front of the other is all I can ask for. Now I think I'll go add some escaped circus bears on bikes into the current story. Because that sounds like fun.
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