jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

[writing] well, now I'm totally embarrassed (ie, Quit Whining, Yeff!)

A few days ago I posted on LJ about how my latest WOTF entry came back as a "no place" and that became part of some later LJ whining about feeling discouraged about my writing.

Well, will_couvillier kindly noted that the first batch of WOTF 2009 Q2 results are out and I actually was named an Honorable Mention!

Geez. I'm really embarrassed. I have an excuse, which is that usually a HM cert is included with the story when it's returned.

But still. Enough with the self-pity. I re-vow that there will be No More Whining on this blog. Just hard work, continued self-challenging, increased story submission, and hopefully some good results.

Also, congratulations to dr_phil_physics on his WOTF HM!
Tags: no whining, wotf, writing

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