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04 June 2009 @ 12:51 pm
The Battery Adventure has a happy ending  
I successfully borrowed the pickup from the in-laws, trucked down to Costco, got *just* a battery (without buying a dozen other random yet appealing things), and put the new battery in the van. The van now happily starts, let's hope it stays that way..

My reward was a Chicken Chipotle Sandwich (with fries) from Jack-in-the-Box. I don't eat fast food much (once every few months), but I confess a fondness for JITB probably left over from the teen days. Yes, I was pleased when they brought back the clown.

In the process of installing the new battery, I did discover that when I left the garage door open Monday night there was indeed some theft. (C discovered the open garage door when she got home at 2AM from work, but we weren't sure if anything was missing) The old toolbox with a collection of nails, screws, and a partial socket wrench set is gone, as is my $8 walkman-to-radio broadcaster and my cheap bluetooth earpiece. However, the bikes were left behind. Go figure.

But overall it was a successful lunch break. Now it's back to work trying to get the code to do what I want (in fact, need) it to do. This evening, while A climbs I will continue work on "The Hair That Binds" and get some more scenes down as well as perhaps scratching against a ghost of a resolution. I know kind of what the resolution is for the characters, I'm just not quite sure how the plot is going to get him/it there.