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Mad_Typist is right: Where are all the girls in Pixar films? (UP SPOILERS)

As much as I liked UP, I knew there was something that bugged me about the movie but it wasn't until I read the Mad_Typist article about the film that it clicked.

Finding Nema - Where are the girls in the Pixar films?

As the father of two daughters, I want movies to feature strong, dynamic female characters who aren't secondary to the main character or just love interests to be kidnapped and rescued.

UP featured a strong, dynamic female character at the start in the character of Ellie. I remember thinking "this movie should be about her". Then she was disposed with in the first 10 minutes, first by becoming depressed over not being able to have a child and second due to getting sick and dying. UP then became about, much as the Mad_Typist reviewer says about THE INCREDIBLES, the main (male) character getting his mojo back.

The Mad_Typist entry makes an excellent point, and the lack of strong female characters is a flaw that carries across a lot of movies and popular entertainment. It's likely because because men write most of the movies, tv shows, etc. And no matter how enlightened these men may be, they're still men and looking at things from a male perspective inside a male-dominated industry.

So I'll keep searching for strong female role models, and making sure that my daughters know that girls can do more than be just second bananas and captured love interests...

And a note to Pixar: C'mon folks, let's do something new and different with the next one, eh?

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