jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

sometimes you need that head-down time

After pretty much bashing my head against the wall of windbg and CryptoAPI all day at work without any progress, I decided to give it another shot while sitting on the couch at A's climbing club.

2 hours later, and that's a solid 2 hours with no Internet, no writing, no nothing else, I finally had some headway into the issue and a handhold on how to solve the problem. Back here at home, I'm slowly chopping away at the code and putting together a solution.

Of course, it meant no writing at climbing club but maybe I can put in a small 20-30 minute writing spurt before heading off to bed. And it feels good to finally be making progress on this multi-faceted problem which has plagued me at work for a while.

But I still would like to have the clones so that one of us can solve the bug, and one of us can write the stories. I'll have to get to work on that project. Later.
Tags: work

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