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and on tonight's schedule

More Work!

This is what end-game, crunch-time is like. I'd gotten out of practice on crunch-time, and thus I'm a little rusty. But I'm slowly getting my MaDsKiLlS back.

In other news, everything else is on pause for a while with full (begrudging) permission of the nagging mind.

"The Hair That Binds" is cooking in the brain pan, trying to easy-bake-oven up a fulfilling ending. The brain is also spinning on which of the currently hanging-out stories should be the next WOTF story. There are three candidates, but any of them would want some revision. Some, less than others. The space station story feels like a good, fun story but needs a stronger ending.

Well, while the front-brain tries to figure out how to get certificate Auxiliary Key ID extensions working, the back-brain will spin on story. And then it shall all come together. At least, I hope so!

Now, back to it.
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