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Puzzles Fri June 1 - Sat June 2

Fri June 1
Jumble = 0:28 (What the schoolyard prank turned into when he ended up in the mud)
Word Sleuth = 2:28 (Credit Cards)
NEA Crossword = 4:05 (6-01-07)
NY Times Crossword = 18:52, with 8 lookups (No. 0424)

Nice sub-30 Jumble and 2:30 Word Sleuth, but the rest were kind of slow. The NY Times was split across Friday night and Saturday morning due to visitors when I was about 2/3 the way through the puzzle.

Sat June 2
Jumble = 1:47 (How she felt when the mobster gave her the eye)
Word Sleuth = 4:40, couldn't get unlisted clue (--- Guide)
NEA Crossword = 6:18, probably one error (6-02-07)
NY Times Crossword = 28:14, with 5 lookups (No. 0421)

Yeeks, that was terrible. It was probably the multiple bottles of wine the visitors, C and I polished off last night. C and her friend T left for NY early this morning and even after going back to sleep I was a little tired when doing the puzzles.
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