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The footy club will be on TV tomorrow (Tuesday) morning!

Sac Footy, the Australian Rules Football club of which I am a member, will be on television tomorrow morning. Early tomorrow morning. Really early. Like 6:45 in the morning early.

Local station Channel 31 (owned by local CBS affiliate Channel 13) wants to have us on as part of their Good Day Sacramento morning show. I assume we'll be kicking around the footy, talking about how to play the game, showing some basic skills, and maybe even doing a small live-action scrimmage.

So if you're interested in hearing more about footy, seeing it played by folks who are still (mostly) amateurs, or want to see my mug at 6:45 in the morning, then turn on Channel 31 (if you're in Sacramento) or watch on the web at the Good Day Sacramento site. They will supposedly be streaming the show live, and I would imagine it would be available later in the day as well.

With all this publicity we're getting, we might just have to get a bigger field! Excellent! The more the merrier!
Tags: footy, television

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