jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

morning footy in front of the cameras goes well

SacFooty, the Sacramento Australian Rules Football club, had a great time this morning playing some footy in front of the cameras for Channel 31. Julissa, the on-air person, was very friendly and ready to have fun and it looked like she had a great time learning the game and later playing.

There are two video segments already available on the Channel 31 web site, the first when she was talking to Matt, the coach, and learning the basics, the second when she was out there playing. (I'm only in the first video segment as I had to run home and get the kids off to their activities. Look for the bald guy wearing number 22.)

Both videos are available on the Channel 31 web site. In the "Good Day Video" find the clips titled "Ju Knows Aussie Football".

We'll see if we get some new folks interested in footy, but no matter what it was a fun time and a blast to play in front of the cameras!
Tags: footy, television

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