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[writing] short writing update

Good session at SacSpecFic tonight, even if RF was really tired and couldn't stick around for the whole meeting. Alas, due to work time pressure, I had to submit a version of "Ghost of Mister Tremendous" that was mid-revision and that created trouble for the readers. Bad me!

A No back from Lady Churchill's (thus answering my query from a few weeks ago), with some encouragement attached to it ("send us something again in a couple months"); and another No from Flash Fiction Online, also with attached encouragement (made it past the first cut, but not farther). That means I only have 4 active stories right now. Bad me! By end of the month, all stories will be back out again.

Writerly To-Do for end of June:
- Finish touch revisions on story for WOTF and send it out!
- All (11? 12?) stories that have come back and are gathering dust go out the door! Out, Out, I say!
- Finish first draft of "The Hair That Binds"

Beyond that:
- Finish revision of "Ghost of Mister Tremendous" and send it out
- Revise either "Hair That Binds" or "Green Tears on Black Velvet" and submit to anthology
- I'm not sure. Perhaps sink another revision.
- Cultivate beta readers?
- Work up the gumption to apply to Codex Writers Group (I'm not sure they'd have me)

But now, I'm beat so it's to bed. Tomorrow is a busy day (work, pickup, footy).
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