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tweets for the day

(Posted here for reference. At twitter, I'm "yeff")

  • 09:03 slept in this morning instead of up early and working out. Wow, how lazy i feel! #
  • 13:31 i can feel the sleepy coming, as a combination of class, warm afternoon, and lunch in my stomach. #
  • 13:55 the outside temp has gone up about 10 degrees in the last 1-2 hours. Here comes the heat! #
  • 17:37 72 degrees at noon, 93 degrees at 5pm. Here comes summer! #fb #
  • 18:50 We VPXIers shall strive to be worth of being followed by @mswriterkim ! #
  • 18:50 wow my nose itches... (and that's the sort of insightful tweet that earns a follow by @mswriterkim) #
  • 18:52 @interweber that pizza, the tomato, basil, gorgonzola, is my favorite of the @wholefoodssac. And I didn't know they're on twitter! #
  • 18:53 and now is the time on Sprockets when we submit all the stories that have been laying about instead of trying to earn back their investment #
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