jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

the plan for today (one that includes footy)

- Eat donuts.

Done. Probably had one donut too many, cause I feel very full. I guess I could consider it carbo-loading for footy. :-)

- Do the crossword puzzle.

1A is "Squidward's neighbor on Nickelodeon". It's always nice to start off strong!

- Get stuff together for footy. Call footy folks and see if we can carpool.

- Review story for WOTF and make sure it's A-OK. Print it out, put it in the envelope and mail it. Get money for the afternoon.

- Drive to the footy game in Concord, either in carpool or by myself. I prefer carpool.

Look at that field. That's a perfect footy field! If anyone is near Concord at 3:30, come on by and watch.

- Play footy, for as long as my sore body parts allow. Don't get injured.

- Perhaps get food afterwards, then come on back.

- Recuperate, perhaps while watching "Virtuality" (I taped it last night) and doing some more story submissions.

- Crash

Sounds like a day!
Tags: footy, life

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