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a successful day at footy

My team, the Oakland Pirates (or Oakla-mento, as we call them since there's a good chunk of Sacramento folks), *almost* beat the SF Dragons. The Dragons were higher in the pool, had clobbered Oakland earlier in the season, and jumped out to an early lead. But Oakland hung tough, played great defense, made some good goals, and almost came back.

The final score was San Francisco 57 (9 goals, 3 behinds), Oakland 51 (7 goals, 9 behinds), and we were pushing to goal as the game ended but we couldn't just quite pull it off. So close!

If Oakland could kick a little more straight, we could have won that game. I definitely include myself in the "need to learn to kick straight" crowd as I missed a goal on a free kick and totally blew a kick on the run. But I did have one goal and one behind, for 7 points, and a good handful of marks deep on the offensive attack (I played pocket forward most of the game).

Now there's a couple weeks off so hopefully I can heal up and be closer to 100% for the next game. I've been nursing minor injuries to left hamstring, left calf, and right achilles. But everything held together for the whole game so that was nice. The 102 degree weather actually helped to keep me warm!

After the drive home, chicken quesadilla at Willie's, Yogurt Monkey (vanilla with kitkats and peanut butter cups), and a glass of wine, I'm feeling pretty beat.

Before I left for the game, I also printed and sent out my entry to WOTF for 2009 Q3 so we'll see how that goes. Now we're watching HELP (the Beatles) and after that we'll call it a night!

Overall, a good day indeed.
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