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back from vacation! what's up?

It was a lovely trip to Ashland for July 4th, plays, eating, reading, and hanging out in general. More details, especially on the plays, later once I've caught up on work.

But at the fitness center this morning, all the TVs showed was Michael Jackson and Sarah Palin. Sounds like nothing else happened during the last six days.

Luckily, the couple that runs the coffee bar at the fitness center is from Iran so I talked to Sam (the husband) about what he was hearing from Iran and how he was getting some, you know, Real news. He gives the ayatollahs another month or two before they fall and says that the people are very enamored with Reza Pahlavi (son of former Shah) coming back, not as an absolute king, but as the titular head of a real democracy. The Wikipedia entry on Reza Pahlavi makes him and his wife sound like good folks. These are very interesting times in Iran, and I wish I knew more about it.

Anything else happen while I was gone?
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