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[writing] ours is back to eleven!

I put four more stories back out into the world, so my Active total is back to 11! That's good, because it was pretty low near the end of June.

There's three or four more stories that should go out within a day or two, two micro-fictions that need some work and can go out, one story being read by someone, and one that was read by someone and now needs some revision work before it can go out.

So, I'm getting there. It's good positive motion.

Current Writerly To-Do List:
- submit "Echoes"
- some minor revision on two micro-flash; submit them
- submit other four stories
- revise "Hair That Binds" and send to SacSpecFic for monthly meeting
- revise "Green Tears on Black Velvet" and see if some lucky soul (not named) will read it
- get back on "Accountant", "Ghost" and "Faraway"; along with "Fishing" and "Straw" (the stores all lurking on the outskirts)

That's certainly enough to think about being on a list like this, for now.
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