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DEFYING GRAVITY, the tv show (or, Yeff was ahead of the meme curve again)

A bunch of astronauts, on a long-term mission, every minute of their existence broadcast back to Earth for everyone to watch. And their lives are a bit of a soap opera, aren't they?


For those who were at Orycon in 2007, and went to the long-form Open Reading and Critiques, or who were in my crit session of Baycon in 2008, you received a story I wrote called either "Real Space" or "The Reality of Space" which was about exactly this situation. Alas, I did what I do far too often which is to put the story aside and never touch it again.

Now, there's two shows out with this concept and I'm sure plenty more in script slush piles around Hollywood and beyond. Which somewhat renders my story concept a little played out, perhaps?

In any case, I will say this: At least my characters were a lot more international and multi-cultural than the all-North American and (nearly) all-white folks in DEFYING GRAVITY. I can't speak for VIRTUALITY, as I haven't seen it yet. I'll certainly check out DEFYING GRAVITY when it comes around.

But in the end, the lesson is this: I need to finish stories and send them out, instead of sitting on them.

Now here, for your enjoyment, is the trailer for DEFYING GRAVITY (IMDB entry, CTV.CA article).

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