jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

it's a long day, and it's not over yet

My day so far:
- Wake up at 6, go work out (weightlifting, because I need the strength work)
- Come home, wake up kids, take shower, get A ready for Kids Klub (make lunch, prep swim stuff, etc)
- Take A to Kids Klub, go to work
- Attempt to check in code to project

At work, I'm attempting to check in some last final minor changes to tests and then I'm done with this stage of the project. However, lots of people are checking in right now so the build is often broken. Checking code into a broken build is a major "build felony" so you have to wait for a good build.

However, while I wait for a good build I start working on other stuff then I miss the next good build. By the time I'm ready to check in, there have been enough checkins that my local code copy is far behind the main code tree and I should update my local code copy. Once I update, I have to rebuild and retest on both platforms to make sure no new problems were introduced. By the time that's done, the build is often broken.

You see where this going. An endless loop of "can't check in", all day long *and* into this evening.

- Leave work, get A, go to rock climbing team
- Rock climbing gym has no Internet access, but that's good because it's uninterrupted writing time! I revise several scenes of "The Hair That Binds"
- Come home, log into work, see if I can check in. Ha! Broken build, and I'm 100 code revisions behind.

The rest of the evening I'll try to update and check in. Eventually, E and I will go to the midnight showing of HARRY POTTER 6. According to the advance scouts, all four midnight showings are sold out and there's already a line to get into the showings (three hours from now).

Tomorrow, I will be very very tired.
Tags: life, work, writing

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