jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

it's summer time in Sacramento

At 11pm at night, it's 80 degrees outside. It was 105 today, and we've had highs over 100 for almost a week. They're saying we'll get a couple cool days (as in 95 degrees), and then it's back to heat for the foreseeable future.

Luckily, we're not as humid as places like Austin or Dallas both which are suffering with 100 degrees and regularly have 70-80% humidity. As I remember, when you walk outside it's like someone threw a warm wool blanket on top of you.

And, we're not as hot as places in the real desert that get up to 110-115 or so.

But still, wow. These are the days I wish I lived in Portland (highs of 85-90) or Santa Cruz (high of 75, oh the humanity!)

Incidentally if one is in Grass Valley, CA, one could go visit the Empire Gold Mine, a state park consisting of an old gold mine and the houses lived in by the owners (in 1900s). There's a small "living history style" tour of the house, and many informational displays about the mine, mining, and the miners' lives. I filled my head with many story tidbits about mining, life in 1905, and the Cornish miners. Cornish miners ... hmmm ... that just sounds rich with story.
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