jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

to the waterpark!

I'm off with A, E, and their friends to spend the day at the local waterpark in celebration of A's 9th birthday.

There will be little, if any, Internet action until this evening. Phones and waterparks don't mix very well, though I'm sure I'll see plenty of teenagers giving it the old high school try.

Screaming, however - there will be lots of screaming. Sometimes in joy, sometimes in terror, sometimes both.

And now we're off!
Tags: fun, life

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    Thu, 21:08: Fish on the floor at SeaTac. See you next week!

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    Sat, 20:29: stopover in Ashland on my way back, and the hotel cafe has some GREAT Halloween decorations!

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    Tue, 20:07: It rained in Bellevue this morning! Rain! Le Bleu didn't know what to think about water falling from the sky!…

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