jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

selected quotes from a morning of installing software

(and, as it turns out, trying to un-install software as well)

- "Yes, [SCM Tool Name Redacted], I know you can't get a license from the license server. It's gone. That's why I'm trying to un-install you. Why do you need a license for *that*?!?!"

- "What, [IDE Name Redacted]?!?! 3.3 GB for the environment, 2.1 GB for documentation? WTF?"

- "I know something is happening with the [IDE Name Redacted] install, cause the people in the pictures are changing."

- "Really, [IT Software Audit Program Name Redacted]? Really, [IT Check For SW Updates Program Name Redacted]? Really [IT Network Backup Program Name Redacted]? You three have to run EVERY D*MN TIME the system boots? Really?!?!"

- "Oh, computer. What are you doing that you're not doing what *I* want you to be doing?"

Eventually, things will get installed. Eventually. Listening to CAR TALK is keeping me sane.
Tags: software, work

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