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i am beat, in more ways than one

Well, it was quite a game of footy today. The line summary says that Oakland lost to Marin, 6-13-49 to 11-7-73. But that doesn't even begin to give you a sense of the real game.

It was a rough, tough, hard-fought game. It was so rough that there were complaints during the game about rough play. This also led to complaints about the complaints about the rough play. Which also led to more rough play as people sought to physically express their displeasure about the various kinds of roughness and complaints.

The refs did a lot to rein in the game, including making multiple calls about the roughness, but this led to complaints to the ref about making the calls *and* about not making other calls.

Don't forget that said "complaints" were usually liberally spiced with salty language and often at a rather high volume.

Like I said, it was quite a game. I played the middle defense as a kind of "free safety" and ended up tracking one player for most of the game. I also got my hands on the ball a lot, but also was put flat on my back multiple times. Some of the times were viewed as not correct by the ref, so I got a couple of free kicks out of it. If I could kick straight, I'd have scored a goal instead of a behind.

Since we also were low on hands, I played the entire game (4 20-minute quarters). So I'm tired, sore, achy, and we lost the game. But we played hard, at times disrupted the flow of the team (which is the top team in the league), and I think overall made a good showing.

But hoo boy, am I tired. I will sleep well tonight.
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