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[writing] Editing Checklist, for third graders

The other day C was cleaning out some leftover papers from A's third grade paper folder, and this one was in the mix. I found it fun, and useful. Good advice, for third grade and for now.

Editing Checklist

- Read your first draft and find what you really like about it!
- Put the sentences in an order that makes sense.
- Put the paragraphs in an order that makes sense.
- Add any missing information or take out any unneeded information.
- Check paragraph form: indenting, writing from one margin to the other
- Check each paragraph for a topic sentence (what is the main idea of the paragraph?)
- Check sentence transitions (do your sentences all sound the same, or is there variety?)

- Check capitalization (the beginning of sentences, proper nouns)
- Check punctuation (at the end of sentences, quotations)
- Check spelling
- Check grammar (do the sentences sound correct?)
- Check verb tenses
- Check spacing (between sentences, between words)
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