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oh robin, my robin

While at the park with A and her friend M yesterday, M found a baby bird that had apparently fallen out of the nest and was hopping around in the grass. With the help of M's dad, D, we managed to catch the bird and get it into a box.

I took it to the in-laws, who have done wildlife rescue/care for many years. P (mom-in-law) said it was a baby robin and that she would start giving it a little water to re-hydrate it.

When we went over to the in-laws last night to celebrate the VP11 acceptance, P had mixed up a batch of food and got the box out to feed the bird. Unfortunately, the little bird had passed away in the interim since the last bit of water. P's theory is that it was sick and that's why it ended up out of the nest in the first place.

We were all sad about it and bummed that the little bird didn't make it. Then Beaux the dog started humping his sleeping rug / special friend and that lightened the mood a bit.

Side note: Beaux is a funny dog. He's a mid-sized poodle (neither standard nor miniature) and full of energy. I started throwing toys in the back yard for him to retrieve and now when I come by he runs around the house, finds a toy, and runs up to me with tail a-wagging ("throw? throw? throw?"). If I say yes and open the back door he bounds (literally, bounds) into the back yard to play. He's good for about 20 throws then he sits down in the middle of the yard and starts chewing grass.
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