jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

the saddest post-vacation conversation so far

E, A and I are in the car, going to E's registration for 10th grade. E turns on the radio.

Me: Turn on the Hawaiian Reggae station!
E: Dad, there is no reggae station. We're not in Hawaii any more
Me: Oh. Yeah. (sigh)

In other news, the journey back to fitness started with an easy 2-mile jog today, followed by a short walk to check out the new school parking lot, then a stretch. Everything held together just fine. So far.

And, the mail person apparently did not realize that today was our "start the mail up again" day so we didn't get any mail. I already went and picked up the mail from the vacation hold. I will assume that regular service will resume tomorrow.

Today was the day of organizing, email reading, catching back up to speed, schedule making, and general vacation recovery. Starting tomorrow, things must Get Done. Thus ends vacation!
Tags: life, vacation

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