jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

oh LJ hivemind, help me out!

Within the last few days (maybe within the last week), someone (on LJ, I'm almost sure) posted a link to an article about how certain fringe groups have a structure for completely destroying public discourse on an issue.

This structure, which had a name (that might start with "V"), was to repeat fringe arguments (birthers, current health care reform = end of america, etc) enough times that they start to sound almost mainstream. The article also stated that the fringe groups have this structure (V???) for many different issues.

I'm very interested in reading this article. Can anyone help me find this article? I've tried my LJ friends pages for way back, and I've tried my (usually fairly powerful) google-fu, but no luck. I was sure it was something that jaylake would have posted, but it wasn't in his LJ.

Any help? I will be very grateful!
Tags: health care, livejournal

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