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collected links of writing

Some good writing links I've come across recently:

- Nebula Awards interviews Charles Coleman Finley. A really good interview about writing, and short stories versus novels, and his new trilogy.

- Cold - Adventures in the World's Frozen Places. I heard an interview with the author on NPR and it sounds like a rather interesting book.

- Dead On Arrival, a Novel Autopsy, or: "The Why Incision". YorkWriters talks about why a novel didn't work at all and it's a very nice review. [Link via Dean Wesley Smith]

- Jason Sanford on a new SF movement he calls Sci-Fi Strange. There are several people in his list whose work I enjoy, even if I wouldn't put myself into the movement.

- Reno 2011 World Science Fiction Convention site-recon report and photos. A couple fans check out the sites for the Worldcon 2011 and come back impressed and I'm thrilled because it's two hours away!</a>
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