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Fun in Space (one way or another)

I seem to have space exploration on the brain recently, because articles on various aspects of space are drawing me in like the call of the sirens.

- Giant crystals and spherical flames: science in microgravity (New Scientist, via BoingBoing). Way cool pictures and science articles about how things are different in the microgravity of space.

- Speaking of how things are different in space, here's an old BoingBoing article on Sex in space. Turns out space "adventurers" might have to be fans of velcro, zippers, and tiedowns.

- Speaking of sex in space, Defying Gravity (link is to Wikipedia, here's IMDB) has been on since the start of August, and I haven't watched it yet (August was a little busy).

Do I want to see it? Yes. Why? I'm not quite sure. Maybe I'm wondering if they actually have any space-related elements or if it truly is "Gray's Anatomy" with the hospital backdrop replaced by a spaceship. Maybe I wonder if there is still a place for the "reality show set on a spaceship" plotline that was the focus my two-year-old novella "The Reality of Space". Maybe I'm just crazy enough to watch anything having to do with space exploration.

Well, the shows are available on ABC's website and on Hulu, so what the heck. The plotlines of the first few episodes sure sound like someone's been raiding the Star Trek plot archive, though.

- Finally, In praise of the sci-fi corridor (at Den of Geek). A completely awesome article about how the corridors can make all the difference in a sci-fi show/settings. It's a reminder to creators that world-building is as much about the "little" things (corridors) as it is the "big" things (spaceships, aliens, monsters).

Now I wonder what "Defying Gravity"'s corridors look like.
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